Is Your Posture Making You Shorter?

Posture Shorter Height

One of the basic things that people wanting to increase their height seem to forget and miss out is the issue surrounding their posture.

You may remember your mother telling you as a child to ‘sit up straight’ or ‘stop slouching’ or even ‘put your shoulders back when you walk’. Well it seems that in this circumstance mother was actually perfectly correct!

There are a multitude of scientific papers supporting the benefits associated with a good posture. These are not only physical but also psychological too.

However for the purpose of this article we will be focussing on the issues surrounding your posture and if it could be possibly making you shorter than you are!

Yes it’s true; a poor posture can lead to you losing several inches off your potential height.

Next time you are in a public place take a look around you’ll see that a bad posture is quite a common thing. Ailments such as bow-leg syndrome or hunching shoulders are not as uncommon as you might think.

QuestionHow Does This Happen?

Well there are several factors which will contribute to an individual’s bad posture. Some of these are present at birth but for the majority it is something that develops over time due to the way your body is treated.

Let’s begin with exercise.

A lack of regular exercise can lead to weakening of the muscles in the back and in the stomach regions. These are your primary stabilizing muscles so a weakness here can lead a body prone to injury.

Lower Ab Crunch

More importantly it means that the imbalance of muscles can lead to your spine adopting a more unnatural hunched over position which means you will lose some of you height.

Not only will a poor posture cause you to lose some of your height and make you appear shorter, but it will also have the knock on effect of potentially causing chronic ailments later in your life too.

Some of these can include:

How To Deal With Posture Related Problems?

Stretching Exercise

A great way to relieve these conditions and even avoid the development of them in the first place is through a series of regular // and core muscle targeting exercises.

Over time this type of intense routine stretching will strengthen your muscles and help keep your spinal column in line and in the correct posture. This will have the roll on effect of helping you maintain a healthy posture in your everyday life.

You may want to consider visiting a medical professional before beginning any serious exercise programmes to double check that there are no underlying problems and issues that you might otherwise be unaware of.

This will help you avoid making any ailment worse. Always begin your programme of exercise gradually and make sure you listen to what your body is telling you!

It’s no use doing more than you can physically handle to begin with.

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