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Short Leaders Who Made A Difference

Short Leaders

When you are challenged in the area of height, it’s really a good idea to get some role models going in your head that can keep you focused on the good things in life.

If you are too tall, your role models would be tall leaders who are great examples of people with incredibly good leadership traits.

On the other hand, if you feel that you are too short, your role models would be short leaders who are great examples of leadership and have inspired many people.

Leaders Are Not Generally Referred To As Short Leaders

If you did a search online for tall leaders or short leaders, you would find about the same number of each of them.

That’s because whenever you look at the range of what’s available as a trait amongst humans, you’ll always find people at both extremes of the trait.

This is actually one of the great things of being human – you can have so many variations and they always keep you guessing!

This is why books such as the Guinness Book of World Records keep us all so fascinated. And curious.

We’re always looking for the person who has the longest hair or no hair at all, the bluest eyes or the oddest color of eyes, and all other sorts of things!

Short Leaders Who Were U.S. Presidents

So who are these short leaders who made a big difference? Well, let’s start with three of them who were U.S. Presidents.

1. James Madison, The 4th President Of The United States

U.S. Presidents HeightAt 5’4” tall, you would expect James Madison to never amount to anything in life if you believe that you’re only important if you’re tall. (You don’t believe that, right?)

James was the oldest of 12 children in the Madison family, and all of them were not tall. But James delved into books and read as much as he could, a common trait of those who are successful in life.

When he saw opportunities in front of him, he grabbed them. Yet he only weighed 100 pounds.

As a Congressman, James spotted Dolly Payne Todd and saw that she could have used a little help in life. Although he was 17 years older than her, he soon proposed to her.

Before long, James, Dolly and her son from a previous marriage soon became an instant family.

During his Presidency, James stood up for America in the War of 1812 and they gained respect from the British who were terrorizing them at sea. He didn’t let his height stop him!

After his Presidency, James become well known for all the farming methods he used on his tobacco plantation. So he became one of the short leaders in history known for what he did in more than one field.

2. Martin Van Buren, The 8th President Of The U.S.

Martin Van BurenStanding at 5’6” barefoot, Martin Van Buren was easily towered by many other politicians.

He helped his father a lot at his father’s tavern and inn and often heard politicians bickering back and forth.

Besides being short, Martin was financially disadvantaged, too. He had to help his family earn an income and went to work at a law office in town at the age of 14.

They liked him there and he progressed up through the ranks in the office.

Back then you didn’t have to go to law school to be a lawyer and Van Buren tried his first case in court at age 18. Amazing turnaround in finances, wouldn’t you say?

When he was President between 1837 and 1841, he took a strong stand against slavery despite his height.

What was right was right and he would become one of the leaders of America – one of the short leaders, tall leaders and everyone in between – who would propel the country towards seeing all men as created equal.

The state of Texas applied for statehood during his term. He also was responsible for clearing the Seminole Indians out of Florida, stopping the pillaging and killing of the colonists.

Van Buren influenced one of his sons to be an outstanding lawyer. That son became the attorney general of New York. Leaders of many other countries loved Van Buren and kept in touch with him until his death.

3. Benjamin Harrison, The 23rd President Of The United States

Benjamin HarrisonDespite his short stature and his nickname of Little Ben, Benjamin Harrison knew he was somehow destined to be a leader. Political leaders were in his bloodline so he couldn’t let his height deter him.

His great-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence. His grandfather was the 9th President of America. His father served two terms in Congress.

During his term as President, he was responsible for the very last major conflict between the colonists and the Indians at the Battle of Wounded Knee. He outlawed monopolies by passing the Sherman Antitrust Act.

Harrison was a mental giant and he gave 140 completely different speeches in 30 days. This President even founded the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

After his term as President from 1889-1893, he lectured at Stanford University on constitutional law. The textbook he wrote was used by law students. He was one of the short leaders known for two different things – politics and law.

Do you see how these men did not let their stature bother them? They did whatever they could in life and left a legacy. They became leaders and very rarely do you ever hear the term, “short leaders” about them.

What’s important is what they did, not their height. What will your legacy be?

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