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Height Increase Surgery: Should You Even Consider It?

Height Surgery

Before you start considering height increasing surgery, you should know that the fourth President of the United States – James Madison – was a man who stood only 5’4’ tall.

The eighth President was only 5’6” tall (Martin Van Buren), as was Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President.

And Napoleon stood about 5’6” whereas Stalin was about 5’4” according to some references. Now the person in the news a lot is Ahmadinejad and he is only 5’3”.

So the first question is this: if these men could grow to be leaders of their country despite their stature, can you be successful, too?

Or does your stature bother you so much that you’d prefer to search out surgery to increase height?

Question ThinkThink Twice About Height-Increasing Surgery

Let’s consider what happens when height-increasing surgery is done. In order for you to grow two inches taller, some bones are going to have to be cut completely through – in essence, in half.

Literally, when this is done on the operating table, the surgeon will make an incision and then start sawing the bones of your lower leg.

Well, what’s happening is more than the bones are being cut and that’s the end of it. Whenever bone is fractured, there are linings of the bone that have pain sensations, which are activated.

This means that when you wake up from the surgery, you are going to have some incredible pain that may or may not be quenched by painkillers.

When bones are cut, the body tries to heal itself and put them together again. New bone growth is stimulated as a repair mechanism. A rod is placed in between the two parts of the bones that are cut which is two inches long.

This is where your height increase comes from. The rod pulls the bone apart slowly. Surgeons say that the rod distracts the bone about 1 mm per day.

The bones will then try to grow back together, covering the device in time so that it is now a permanent part of you.

If you asked for 4 inches instead of two, your thigh bones are then sawed in two and the same procedure is repeated in this area.

Surgery For Increasing Height Has Potential Complications

There are many potential complications to this height increasing surgery:

1. Bone Infections

You could get an infection – and it would be centered on the bone, causing a bone infection, one of the most painful types of infections and one of the most difficult to cure.

This will depend on not only how strong your immune system is but also how clean the hospital is.

The sad truth here is that thousands of infections are picked up in hospitals each year. It still happens at a high frequency.

2. Severed Nerves, Arteries Or Veins

Leg PainWhile cutting the bones in two, the surgeon could cut the nerves, veins and arteries, too. Nerves, arteries and veins travel right alongside the bone.

If your nerve is cut, that means you will have no feeling in everything – all the muscles and skin from that point down.

Trying to walk when you have a feeling of deadness in your feet and legs is next to impossible – just ask diabetics with peripheral neuropathy what this is like.

3. Time-Intensive Rehabilitation

You will need rehabilitation for at least six months. At rehabilitation you will have to learn how to walk again.

4. Urinating And Defecating in Bed

You won’t be able to go to the restroom on your own until the time comes when you can walk. This means bedpans and bedrest. Are you up for that?

5. Out Of Commission For A Year

It will take an entire year or more to heal.

6. Cost

Because height-increasing surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance policies won’t cover them. Your out-of-pocket expenses could be up to $100,000.

Surgery For Increasing Height Is Performed In Other Countries

Doctor Height SurgeryThe surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. One Shanghai doctor has performed over 3000 different operations since the 1990s.

The procedure was originally created by doctors in Russia, although it’s possible that doctors in China were inventing the same procedure around the same time.

As you can see, surgery for increasing height is not something to take lightly. This type of surgery isn’t in soft tissue; it’s in your actual skeleton.

Your skeleton holds you together – it’s a framework of bones that is your foundation.

Do you really want to interfere with your foundation? Think carefully before you sign away your rights to this height-increasing surgery.

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