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The 5 Most Common Posture Related Problems

Posture Problem

The human body is a fantastic piece of biological equipment which is essentially a strong movable frame (which we know as the Skeleton) surrounded by a series of strong flexible muscles which are connected to the skeleton by ligaments.

This ingenious set up means we able to move around at our will with a large degree of freedom and control. However due to the nature of our daily lives in this day in age, many of us develop poor posture.

This means we do not hold our body in a good position when doing things such as walking or sitting at a computer desk.

This is a concern for many as a good posture provides us with a series of benefits such as a strong spine, and a higher sense of self confidence.

It also gives the impression to others we encounter that we are strong, intelligent and capable.

There is also a more serious effect of having a poor posture that is far more relevant to you. Having a poor body posture will effectively reduce your height and make you look far shorter than you actually are.

For those of us looking for ways to increase height naturally this is a major problem as height and posture are closely linked and impact on one another.

You’ve probably noticed that as people age they can sometimes begin to stoop over and their spines start to hunch forward?

This means that you will likely see a good deal of older citizens who look substantially shorter than yourself.

In fact, in truth they are probably no shorter than you, but the poor posture they have developed gives the impression that they have lost height.

The same can be said of many people these days. Modern working jobs such as typing and writing means that some of us hold our bodies in a bad posture for hours at a time, each and every day.

Over time this can cause bad posture all the time and as we already know posture and height are linked together, they will appear shorter.

These are many posture related problems but here are the most common 5:

1. Tilted Pelvis Problem

Tilted Pelvis

Your pelvis has a particular purpose in your body. It acts as a lever and has a big impact on your posture and height.

Sometimes individuals who are overweight will develop a problem known as ’tilted pelvis’ whereby the weakened stomach muscles means the weight pulls the pelvis forward which induces a bad posture which reduces your height.

Knock Kness2. Knock-Knees and Bow-Legs

These are two quite common conditions that are the opposite of one another but have the same negative effect on posture and height.

Sufferers generally walk with the majority of their weight either on the instep or the out-step, which can induce a poor posture and again steals inches form an individuals height.

3. Rounded Shoulders

Rounded ShouldersThis is also a fairly common condition where the individual suffers from an abnormality in the curvature of his or her spine which makes the shoulders push forward and look like the individual is hunched over.

Obviously somebody in this position will be losing height as they will be bent forward more than ususal.


4. Joint & Foot Pain

Foot Pain

Those people who suffer with a poor posture can also experience difficulty in their joints and in their feet too.

Normally this is due to the skeletal system becoming poorly aligned and so pressure is placed on areas of the body which are not designed to take it.

Chronic Disorders5. Chronic Disorders

In more serious cases it is possible for individuals with a poor posture to develop chronic ailments as a result.

The poor posture will mean blood flow and circulation can be limited and unsteady which over time can lead to problems with bodily functions and internal organs.

This may seem quite a shock to you and may even be frightening, but you should be aware that everything we’ve talked about can be avoided if you make a conscious effort to improve your posture.

You can help remedy posture with certain exercises. Chapter 2 in Grow Taller 4 Idiots deals specifically with solving posture and height related issues.



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  • Mr. Boombastic July 2, 2011, 8:37 am

    I have begun working on my posture along with sleeping on my back at night, getting 8 hours of sleep, consuming a lot more calcuim and vitamen D and strectching. After only 3 days of doing this i have grown 1/4 of an inch! Honestly I didn’t think it was possible at first but the results after 3 days spoke for themselfs.

    Pros- Increased height, higher self of steem, more respect from others
    Cons- Painful the first few days (because the body isnt use to this sudden change)

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