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How To Plan Dinners For Growing Taller

Dinner Grow Taller

When you want to grow taller, it’s about all you can think about. Everywhere you go, you see tall people and you wonder what it would be like to be that tall. You look up to tall people and give them extra credibility in your mind. Others do the same thing.

Make Growing Taller A Reality With Your Diet

Healthy DietBut it’s time you took life in your own hands and did what it’s going to take to grow taller. It’s time to consider what of all the factors that you can control will make you taller? The answer is your diet.

And the easiest meal to prepare to meet your new goal is dinner. Dinner is one of the best meals of the day and even if you go out to eat at restaurants, it’s relatively easy to plan on eating a healthy dinner.

And you can learn how to plan dinners for growing taller right here, right now with this article.

Follow Rules If You Want To Grow Tall

Here are 3 general rules on how to plan dinners for growing taller:

1. Protein Matters If You Want To Grow Tall

Meat ProteinBones are made out of protein and minerals. As new bone grows, so does the surrounding muscle matter, blood vessels, and nerves, too.

You’ll need high quality protein to make this happen. Thus, if you really want to grow tall, eating a vegetarian diet is not the answer.

Vegetable, grain and nut proteins are all lacking in some of the amino acids that make up a high-quality protein such as eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork and lamb.

This means that your body has to take the amino acids and mix them together, kind of similar to piecing together a broken glass, in order to get a complete protein.

Sure, it’s possible for your body to do this. But have you ever noticed that children who are true vegetarians are kind of scrawny and don’t have good muscle development? Their bodies aren’t in the optimum physique category.

When you want to grow taller, you must put yourself in the optimum physique category. You want to provide everything your body needs to grow taller, and the primary ingredient is protein.

Some people don’t like it when this is written as the answer. But the fact is that this is what I’ve seen for over 25 years as a nutritionist. Being a vegetarian is a walk into vitamin and mineral deficiencies that will happen in time.

The only reason why meat eaters are healthier is because meat and high quality protein foods carry minerals to all parts of the body through a process called chelation.

The amino acids complex – hold on tight to the minerals – so they get where they’re supposed to go. In this case, it’s in the bones to make you grow taller.

So when you’re planning a meal that will make you grow taller, then you must remember to have at least a 3 oz portion size – or about the size of your palm – of meat. Any of the high quality proteins will do.

2. Dairy Products Help You Grow Taller, According To The Research

Dairy ProductsAgain, this is another recommendation that strict vegetarians don’t like to hear. They think it’s bad to eat dairy products.

But if you want to grow taller, it’s milk that will do it. Milk contains growth factors in it that will allow a calf to grow tall and big in very little time at all. And when we drink milk, we can grow tall – and that’s a proven fact in the research studies.

What type of dairy products can you drink? Whole milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, skim milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, cheese, kefir milk, sour cream, whipping cream.

All these are dairy products to include in your diet. And if you’re planning a meal such as dinner, make sure you have butter, cheese and milk on the table. Help yourself to a serving or two of them.

3. Calories – Not Too Many! Don’t Grow Wide! Grow Tall!

CaloriesThe last thing to consider when planning your dinner meal to grow taller is to fill in the rest of the plate with foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and a dessert. When you do this, start with the vegetables.

The reason for this is that the vegetables will give you minerals, and it’s those minerals that the bone needs to be synthesized in a healthy manner.

A serving of fruit is next and this can be something like applesauce or an orange. Fruit gives you antioxidants that can quench free radicals. It’s free radicals that have a way of interfering with every known biochemical process in the body.

A dinner meal can also have a grain such as rice or cornbread and of course, add butter to the cornbread.

You could even put a half handful of nuts on top the rice. This would give you another few grams of protein. But it also adds fat – just like desserts do – so be careful you don’t eat too much of the nuts or too much of the dessert.

If you add too many calories, you can expect to grow wide, not taller.

Just following these three steps to planning dinners to grow taller will start you on your path to get results. It works!

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  • Vegan December 6, 2016, 3:04 am

    How can you say vegetarians and vegans are “scrawny “and don’t have muscles. I became vegetarian when I was 12 a vegan when 16 and I’m 6.2 feet tall. Though I ate almost a pound of chickpeas per day?

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