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Don’t Let Disc Herniations Shorten Your Height

Herniated discs

When you have a disc herniation, you feel miserable and all you can think about is who can provide you with pain-relieving disc herniation treatment!

Often, someone with disc herniation has poor posture and can’t straighten up. Other people look at someone in this predicament and may think that the person needs to improve posture.

But with a herniation the person has poor posture because the body is protecting against further damage to the injured disk.

The time to improve posture was BEFORE the injury, not right after the injury.

Later on in the recovery – a few weeks or months later – it will again be time to improve posture. The thing most important right now is treatment!

Treating Disc Injury Is Your Choice Of What To Do First

Disc herniation treatments come in two basic varieties:

  • Medical
  • Chiropractic

And the difference between them is immense.

Medical disc herniation treatment won’t start until several diagnostic techniques such as MRI scans, x-rays, EMG tests, and of course, the standard medical examination which involves a medical history and orthopedic tests are completed.

The treatment will involve painkillers (sometimes addictive ones), bed rest, injections, and if you don’t improve, additional tests or surgery will be the answer.

Chiropractic Disc Herniation Treatment

Chiropractic disc herniation treatment includes:

  • Medical history
  • Orthopedic tests
  • Review of all the findings from your medical tests

Then, depending on the type of disc herniation treatment that the chiropractor has in his office, your path to wellness begins.

Many chiropractors have several different modalities that are used to get you out of pain and are a substitute for painkillers.

Some of these include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Electrotherapy for muscle stimulation or healing
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Even cold lasers for stimulation of tissues in recovery
  • Spinal manipulation

Latest Chiropractic Treatments Are Drugless Healing Methods

Some chiropractors are certified in a vertebral distraction method that manually separates the two vertebrae that surround the herniated disc.

With this method, the repetitive motion creates a vacuum that pulls the herniated disc back into the spinal cord where it belongs.

Other chiropractors have one of the latest decompression equipment that allows you to lie down on a treating table and the machine gently pulls and straightens your spine.

During this procedure, the disc may become “sucked” back into the spinal canal. After one to four treatments, patients often feel a rapid reduction of disc herniation symptoms.

A chiropractor won’t prescribe you any painkillers, and certainly not addictive ones, but will focus on treating the cause of your disc herniation.

What got you to the point where the disc ruptured? Was it:

poor diet that caused degenerative changes in the disc

poor posture

poor posture, such as slumping at work or incorrect lifting and bending

dehydration which causes the disc to shrivel up since it needs a lot of water to stay plumped up and spongy to absorb the forces of sitting and standing and other motions

emotional causes

or something else, such as a rare tumor in or near the disc

Disc Herniation Is A Quick Way To Lose Height

When a disc herniates, it is already in a state of collapse.

This state of collapse cuts down your height! Take a 5’10” man and give him a few herniated discs and you can expect him to no longer enjoy the advantages of being tall anymore.

What To Do To Prevent Disc Herniation From Robbing You Of Your Height

The solution is to heal from this present herniated disc and then commit to improve your posture BEFORE the next disc herniates.

Since many people have not nourished their discs for quite some time before the herniation, it’s safe to say that there are other discs waiting to herniated.

Once that right moment occurs with the right amount of compression forces from bending and twisting, another disc can herniate.

Don’t let it happen.

You must interrupt the process as soon as possible. For one disc it may have been too late, but for the others, there is hope.

Here is a list of what should be done minimally to stop the process:

Feed all the connective tissue in your body – muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones – with a vitamin and mineral-rich diet and supplements

Exercises to improve posture

Exercises specific for your condition

You see, many people always do nothing until a disc herniates and then they act as if they are a victim. “Oh, it was the twisting that got me!” is what they say.

But this isn’t true.

A healthy disc wouldn’t rupture spontaneously just because you twisted unexpectedly. An unhealthy disc will rupture, though.

The trick is to get them all in such a hydrated, and well-nourished mode that they have no reason to herniate.

Posture ebookAnd when you know what postural positions put extra stress on the discs, you also know how not to harm them during the process where you are building them.

By the way, an excellent informative ebook on improving posture is called Perfect Posture Program. It will get you started in the right direction.

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