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Stop Letting Poor Muscle Tone Make You Shorter In Height!

Poor Muscle Tone And Height

One of the easiest ways to be taller is to eliminate your poor muscle tone, which is causing poor posture.

Poor posture then contributes to poor spinal health, which can leave you with back pain, neck pain, mid back pain and a lot more uncomfortable feelings you have to suffer from every day of your life.

What Is Poor Muscle Tone?

Poor muscle tone occurs when the muscles cannot support themselves adequately. It shows up in poor posture.

This is reflected in the following symptoms:

  • Protruding belly
  • Slumped shoulders
  • Underarms that hang free or jiggle
  • Thighs that have no shape
  • Love handles
  • and more

Why Some People Shrink In Height From Poor Posture

These are some of the common excuses people give for having poor posture:

  • “My boss won’t get me an ergonomic chair and I have to slump!”
  • “I’m too tired to sit up straight at work!”
  • “When I’m feeling depressed, it’s difficult to stand up straight!”
  • “My pants are too baggy to have good posture.”
  • “When I get home from work, I just want to relax, not sit up straight!”

People can give all the excuses that they want for poor posture and not wanting to improve posture, but the bottom line is always this:

Their muscles lack good tone, which is the foundation for improving posture.

How Life Could Be With Good Muscle Tone And Improved Posture

Life is completely different when you have been taking care of yourself by improving your muscle tone.

Think about it like this:

If you had good muscle tone, you could sit up straight in any chair, whether it’s an ergonomic chair or not.

If you have good muscle tone, you can still sit up straight at work after a trying night of no sleep because your muscles will support you.

With good muscle tone, you feel depressed less often because when your body position is changed to standing and sitting up straight, you feel better.

With good muscle tone, you don’t have to wear baggy pants anymore. You will want to show off your shape! You don’t get swallowed up in baggy clothes that bring down your mood – and your posture with it. (They also make you appear shorter.)

When you have good muscle tone, you will have plenty of energy when you get home from work so you won’t have to collapse on the couch in poor posture.

The answer is to get out there and get the muscle tone you need. All it takes is a minimum of three 42-minute workouts in a health club on the weight machines three times a week.

Even the most scheduled business executive can manage to incorporate three workouts a week into his schedule, especially when two can be accomplished on the Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend.

That only leaves one more workout for the week, to be scheduled on Tuesday or Wednesday, as the schedule permits.

Benefits Of Eliminating Poor Muscle Tone

Your first workout gets the blood flowing to the muscles and your muscles practically break out in a song of thanks! If muscles could feel, they would say that they love the feeling of being pumped up.

That first workout does a lot more good for your body than you know:

✔ Increases endorphins that make you feel calm and relaxed
✔ The extra circulation nourishes all your body organs.
✔ You look more radiant and alive.
✔ Your energy levels increase and you are more productive.

Poor muscle tone results from not working the muscles enough, not moving your body enough in varied ways. Not working the muscles results in flabby looking, undefined muscles, which really are not that attractive.

When you look at a bodybuilder, each muscle is defined – and capable of performing its job at the maximum capacity in any situation, at any time, day or night.

You don’t have to look that sculpted to have excellent muscle tone. Just three 42-minute workouts in the gym per week have been successful for over 200,000 people that stuck to the Body for Life Program written by Bill Phillips.

They committed to 12 weeks and literally watched their body transform into one that displayed confidence, stability, health and vitality. And they all looked taller, too.

The consequences of not improving your muscle tone is poor flexibility, tight muscles, aches and pains, more injury prone, difficulty relaxing, poor posture, and shrinking height. It’s just not worth it in this 21st century!

Incorporate Posture Exercises In Your Muscle Tone Program

Posture ebookIf you’re still not convinced, you may want to at least read the ebook, Perfect Posture Program.

It will get you interested in simple exercises to start at home that start giving you better muscle tone.

Actually, the posture improvement exercises in this book will help you whether you go to the health club or not.

Seriously, do change your muscle tone from poor to great with weight resistance exercises. After you see results in a few short sessions, then it’s time to really get those muscles up to par by getting to the health club. Three times a week for 42 minutes.

That’s all that’s needed and you’ll see the poor muscle tone transform into good muscle tone, which is associated with improved posture, and a return in your height.

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