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Tips To Grow Taller – Increase Height By Boosting HGH Levels

Human Growth Hormone Model – Grow Taller Tips

 If you are of a shorter stature then you are probably always looking for great information and tips to grow taller. There are excellent ebooks available that give you height increasing tips regarding exercise, diet, sleep, and many other related topics.

For you to better understand how take advantage all of this information, you need to understand what makes your body grow and how you can use it to your advantage.

Even before you are born, your body is in a rapid state of growth. It stays in a state of growth, usually occurring in spurts, until puberty is complete.

After puberty, you will naturally grow slightly more until about age 30. This growth is a result of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.

HGH is composed of a complex set of amino acids and is released into your bloodstream by your endocrine system, specifically your pituitary gland. Once in your bloodstream, your brain signals your body to begin using the HGH.

HGH serves many functions. It helps your body turn fat into energy needed for growth. It triggers regeneration and enlargement of organs and muscles.

Most importantly with relevance to height, HGH directs your bones to increase in size and strength. One of the best tips to increase height is to learn how to get your body to make more HGH and how to prepare your body to use the HGH more effectively.

Your brain controls when and how much HGH is released into your system. One of the best tips on how to grow taller is that if you will want to trigger your brain to release more HGH.

Also, you will want to stimulate your brain to use that HGH for growth and not just for repair. Training your brain in this manner means that you have to carefully focus and discipline yourself in several areas of your life.

Sleep is essential to increasing your HGH and therefore growth. This is the peak time when your brain releases HGH and begins to use it within your body.

Of the many tips for growing taller, getting enough sleep is very important. You need to have enough sleep time for your body to unwind from the day’s activities and begin the restoration and growth process.

If you get too little sleep, you will not give your body enough time to release, circulate, and use the HGH in your system. If you are chronically sleep-deprived your brain will be too distracted to focus on growing at all.

However, if you create a good sleep environment where you can get at least 8 hours of deep sleep, you are giving your brain the biggest incentive to release increased quantities of HGH and make you grow.

Eating right is another one of the important height increase tips. As we discussed earlier, HGH is made from amino acids. Amino acids are derived from protein which you must supply your body in order to boost your HGH levels.

You need to have protein in good proportions if you expect to grow. However, protein alone will not make you grow. Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Minerals are all apart of good nutrition. Each of these items, in the right amounts, will compliment each other to help release more HGH and build a taller, stronger you.

Furthermore, you must monitor when you eat. If you eat too much food too late in the day, it will keep your body focused on digestion all night instead of releasing HGH.

On the other hand, if you eat smaller meals throughout the day, you will be giving your body just the right amount of the nutrients it needs to release the optimum amounts of HGH.

Another one of the better height increase tips available to produce extra HGH is to develop an effective grow taller exercise program. Scientific studies have shown that the brain releases a larger quantity of HGH after aerobic exercises.

However, you need to prepare your body for growth so that your body does not use the HGH for simply repairs. If you follow up your higher impact exercises with an anaerobic routine, the stretching will help your muscles and cartilage decompress.

This will make it more receptive to the HGH and help trigger growth.

Your body is a very complex machine, so there are many different ways to increase your levels of HGH. Exercise, diet, and sleep play a major role in how much HGH is released in your system and how it is used, but so do many other factors. You must overcome all of these factors before you will be able to best increase and use HGH.

The ebook Grow Taller 4 Idiots can offer you very good tips to grow taller by increasing your levels of HGH. Not only can the book teach you to boost your levels of HGH, it can help you get your body prepared to use the HGH for growth.

The book will help you set up an ideal sleep environment and give you some relaxation techniques so that your body can produce the most HGH during your rest. Also, there are great tips to grow taller by using diet and nutrition to increase your HGH.

Furthermore, the book will help you set up a complete exercise program that helps you maximize the HGH in your system. Finally, Grow Taller 4 Idiots will help you understand the other factors that affect your body’s production and utilization of HGH.

If you use these tips to increase height and boost your levels of HGH, you will be giving your body the building blocks it needs to grow.

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  • sam April 19, 2009, 3:25 am

    Your body is a very complex machine, so there are many different ways to increase your levels of HGH. Exercise, diet, and sleep play a major role in how much HGH is released in your system and how it is used, but so do many other factors.

  • KattyBlackyard June 14, 2009, 11:12 pm

    Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  • Dave September 19, 2009, 12:55 am

    A good start in your quest on how to become taller, is to stop eating so much junk food and avoid habits that are harmful to your healthy. So, quit the smoking, avoid drinking too much alcohol, stay away from sugary sweets and sodas, and avoid eating foods high in salt or simple carbohydrates.

  • David December 7, 2009, 12:08 am

    are there medication out there that help stimulate growth in height? if there is pls name some that i could buy (that actually works and is proven) pls explain, thank you.

  • Roach April 7, 2010, 11:54 pm

    Height plays an important role in my life..i want to become a police officer but i’m 3 cm short!!!..i’m also a Gk in a football team and my height is a great disadvantage when i’ll have to deal with high balls

  • pooja June 11, 2010, 2:22 am

    thamks for the knowledge.i am 22 and my height is 153 cms.so can these exercises help ,e in growing taller

  • Abhijit February 18, 2012, 6:33 am

    Pooja, i guess these exercises will help increase your height. I myself was 155cms but now i’m 157cms. Hope i will be gaining more height with these exercises…

  • Jaqueline Gim January 15, 2018, 9:32 pm

    This is all correct. For all the Girls who are 12-14 right now reading this. Get out of the house right now and play Vitamin D and exhaustion is the secret to growing! ;D

    During these ages. I grew 1 inch per week in the summer time. I ended up growing 7 Inches in one summer (I was moving to another province the first week of summer, darn it I could have grew another inch! haha)(I grew to about 5’1 that summer!).
    The next summer before you enter Grade 7 is where you will grow the most for Girls, (NOT BOYS), but GIRLS! (I grew from 5’1 to 5’7. YES that TALL!)
    I was growing 1 inch every week for the entire 8 weeks of summer, and grew a total of 7 inches within that summer (5’8) , If you are wondering why I grew to 5’8 instead 5’9, its because I was in the hospital with my family that first week, and I didn’t go outside at all! But the next 7 weeks I took advantage of and I grew 7 inches (at the time 11 years old)!
    Growing 1 inch p/ week I feel is your body growing at maximum power! So I was doing everything right!

    It all comes down to the four things mentioned in the article.
    Protein, Vitamin D, Exhausting Yourself (Swimming, Sprinting Races, Fast Walking Everywhere, Outdoor Gymnastics (Backwards Bridge, Splits, Backflips), Calcium, & being desperate for sleep (10-11 hours of deserving and restful sleep, yes this will come natually).

    I had an adult in my family that fast walked everywhere as I was practically panting for air, stopping, running up to catch up, fast walking for 15 minutes strait, sprinting ahead, walking slow, and then continuing to fast walk. When ever I came home, I was exhausted. I continued going out through because my body needed sunlight.
    Do NOT wait until you get older because you think you grew 1 inch that summer and think you have more time to grow during
    class time so everybody can see, you wont. This is because when you’re young, you only need 2500 VitD and so and so calcium. But when you are older you need around 5000 vit D to continue growing. It gets more and more impossible. Just do it now. right now. You save stress about your height if you grow when your younger..
    Here is what I did:
    I was a chubby kid, not fat, but the lower half of my body was pear shaped. This went away the first summer
    (two months) after I moved to another province. My body turned strait shaped as I grew. Yes I am asian, ASIan (-,- ) too! But none the less, still chubby, as my body was waiting for next summer to grow.
    I tell you my routine the FIRST SUMMER:

    -Woke up at 9:30-10:30 am naturally everyday! (I had bad sleeping patterns before that summer!)
    AI: Every night, I would sleep with a pillow under my head, my body sideways under the sheets. But whenever I woke up, the next morning, my body would automatically be laying on it’s back, with my legs elevated (over the sheets), with no pillow (it was over my head, instead of under) This naturally happened, and I had deep sleep every night and grew. I guess thats how you know!
    -Breakfast: Ate Eggs, Sausage, and Toast (Protein and Carbs) and Milk and Fruit Yogurt, Cereal, MILK MILK MILK MILK, PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEiN For breakfast.
    AI: PROTEIN: Get the majority of Protein in the Morning before 12:00 PM and Afternoon (Afternoon= Before 4:30pm).
    Leave a handful of Meat at most for Night Time (NIGHT TIME: BEFORE 7:30pm) as your body cannot process large amounts of high protein food at night!
    MILK: I loved milk and sometimes would drink 3 glasses in one sitting/3 times per day (!!!900mg in one sitting, BAD). But I did not grow from drinking a lot of milk at one time. It was a waste of milk. Your body can only process 500mg or 50% dV Calcium at a time. Therefore Consume (500mg or 50% DV) Calcium every 4-5 hours, NO LESS 3 times daily! Don’t bankrupt your family, you will grow fat instead of growing if you think you can grow from drinking milk alone. You need to exhaust yourself too MUST MUST. Beauty is pain. Growing is pain too! haha for all of us!
    10:00 am in the MORNING
    -After breakfast: I Play on the wii. NOT WII Bowling and not the stuff that comes with it. There are wii games where you see how far you can run in 10 minutes. I played this with friend and family. Remember what it said in the article about anaerobic routines? This is basically where you use your entire body at full capacity for a short time, resting for a minute and then doing it again and again and again. It will give your body lots of strength and your body feels refreshed and panting instead of exhausted. You should want to keep doing it! We put on the 10 minute wii game and instead of 1 person running at fast speeds for 10 minutes. The 3 of us would take turns within the game and switch whenever we got extremely tired (1;30 seconds usually but it could be less if your playing with younger ones). Do you understand? If you don’t have wii, play these games in backyard or park and sprint. See who can stretch the furthest too after warmed up by wii!
    Around this time of day, our parents usually plan things for us. so at 10am be prepared to play wii, fast walk, do a sport, or if nothing else practice gymnastics. I didn’t know gymnastics, but I practiced all the ones that benefited the spine! You can also do your chores, but do them efficiently like a sport and do them fast and enthusiastically. Clean the floor, do the dishes, separate your basket of laundry, wipe the toilets, get the hair out of your shower. Do your bed and your little brothers/sister’s bed and your parents bed! (Hey, its you thats growing not them!) Clean your room, do it fast paced and organize the way you want it, but do it right because you might get stressed out if its not the way you want it cleaned. Be stress free other wise your body doesn’t grow. It is good if you are panting and refreshed with sweat everywhere! wash your face if sweating! haha

    12:00 in AFTERNOON.
    Eat Small & Drink Water & Milk (Your choice: 1 – 1 1/2 cup Calcium). Have Watermelon with your family(Any fruit but LOTS of it) & Kool Aid (More Milk is Better). Sandwich (protein): Peanut Butter or Turkey Musturd: (Bread, Musturd, turkey, tomato, LETTUCE, Spinach (if you want High Protein, but keep in mind any leafy or hard DARK Green Vegetable binds Calcium Intake)).
    12:40 in AFTERNOON
    Finally Going outside in the sun. Just expose your skin to the sky, Lay there. Soccer. You can walk or chill, play on your DS outside. Go for a walk to the pool and play in the water (Sunscreen on face and neck). Help your parents do the groceries, Walk to the Library…and walk back home into your backyard, play with your friends.
    Just get Sunlight. Exhaust yourself. Refrain from going inside under shade.
    2:00 in the AFTERNOON
    Meat: Chicken, Beef Patty. Fruit, Water. Sandwich. Its okay if to eat the Subway or Burger or PROTEIN that your family has dropped off for you. Just eat it and continue playing outside the way you usually do.
    3:30-4:30 in the AFTERNOON.
    Come inside. You deserve it. Drink a glass of Water or Milk or Calcium Juice. Or both! You can have small yogurt. Being out in the sun will make you not really hungry. I get it. Its natural not to want to eat. In fact don’t eat even if you are hungry during this time. Your body probably want to consume water more than anything. Wash your hair if you’ve been out in the pool. But don’t wash your body with soap. Only briefly with water. Vitamin D takes 48 hours to go from your skin into your body, so for the first week of summer, only shower body with water, NO SOAP. Except for your hair, wash that with shampoo!
    4:30 in the AFTERNOON.
    You will probably want food now! Have some Carbs or 2-5 chips, a slice of bread with peanut butter, Milk. You’ve been exercising and cleaning the house! Eat a salad with eggss. Banana. Fruit. Cereal. Anything that will restore your muscles. These are Protein Foods & Fats. Consume small meals because dinner is soon! Feed yourself just enough where you are still hungry but your body now has enough energy to just rest NOT NAP, but rest. The reason for these small meals every 2 hours is so your body does NOT think “Ah, this body doesn’t have enough energy to even walk, let alone GROW TALLER. I will just focus on repairing the muscle with what little energy this body has left”. BUT Rather, you are sending it a signal, by eating, that you DO have enough food to give IT plenty of energy so that it can repair muscle but give you more energy to move and exhaust yourself even more! If your body thinks you don’t have enough energy it will panic and go into “Tarzan Survival mode.”
    (AI: Remember not to consume LOTS of junk food in these two special months of summer like lots of chips ,cookies, pops, chocolate. This doesn’t build muscle or bone. OK! And if you consume this, your daily efforts will go to waste as after you exercise, your muscles are looking to be restored and fed and will not get enough repairing relief from junk food to grow taller. If you must eat junk food, eat instead small meals every 2-3 hours otherwise you wont be able to keep this routine up for the next 7 weeks due to the constant energy crash that junk food will give you. (CARBS AND GOOD FATS: vit a, biotin, b12, omega 3&6, vit c, viamin E, 30% DV Fat. ).

    5:00pm in the AFTERNOON

    Don’t do any hard exercise on purpose. Your body is refilling your energy and repairing muscle. You might be buzzing from the blood circulation and pink from the sun (You cant grow without having both of these factors!! Good Job). Do you feel like you’ve been fed, but not full? Yes, this is good. You have just enough energy, Yes? Muscles are repairing. Feel light and refreshed? Good, your body is getting ready and looking forward for Dinner. But for now Just rest. Rest Rest. You can go outside, in the shade, but rest. Do soft sport like frisbee or play with your niece’s dolly. Clean the Play room. Rest. Do dishes. Rest

    6:30pm at NIGHT
    Yes, the SUN is still out but it is technically “night”. HAHA
    Eat Dinner. Handful of Hard Meat. Steak, Chicken, Bulgogi, Burgers, Subway, NO VEGETARIAN MEALS. (AI: Your body grows best when its getting protein from animals, rather than brocceli and cauliflower tofu rice, spinach, alone.
    I’ve already mentioned that your body cannot handle high protein meals at night time as it will be processing meals like this for the next 5 hours. When it should be getting ready for sleep. If you are doing high energy training sports, like professional. Then combine more animal protein with little vegetables WITH A GLASS OF MILK. Otherwise, if not. One Handful of Meat (Protein) One Handful of Pasta or Rice (Protein), Two handfuls of Salad; Lots of tomato, Lettuce (Lettuce puts you to sleep; Spinach will give you enough energy to last throughout the entire night! BAD!), cucumber, Any Water Vegetables, (or Kimchi) should be sufficient enough for the last 4 hours of the day before bed time. DO NOT DRINK MILK IF YOU ARE HAVING BEEF. Your body won’t receive either one of those nutrients as two acids will come out and fight with each other rather than breaking down their respected food groups.

    7:00-7:30 pm at NIGHT
    Sun is still out!
    I don’t know when you will finish dinner, but I finished dinner around these times. I went outside afterwards to play with friends. The sun is still out. If you don’t have friends around at this time. Walk/go shopping with parents. Play outside with brothers and sisters. Eat a cookie at this time while you are playing if you must because this last hour is the only time you will be able to get rid of that extra energy that you didn’t get rid of from dinner! What I did most during this hour everyday was stretch. I did backwards bridge, cart wheels, I practised backflips and front-flips, touched further than my toes, got bored climbed a tree, hung from a branch, impressed my friends with my awesome hula hoop, had a hula-hoop competition with cousins. Stretching is what I recommend most because swimming, sprinting, running, all that it comes to is blood circulation and STRETCHING your body. By now the body should get the hint that it doesn’t have to stress out anymore about energy intake/outake to repair your muscle and has received all the essential nutrients to now create bone and grow your bones out and make your body grow, make your hair grow, make your nails grow, heal your skin, heal your eyes, make your teeth grow etc.. at night time when your sleeping. You communicated well with your body throughout the day and given it just enough fuel at the right times. Good job.

    8:30 -9:00pm at NIGHT
    Come inside and Grab a glass of Milk that you didn’t have at Dinner. It will be your last throughout the day. Make sure that you have had the total amount DV that you need! And if you are not sure, 1 1/2 cup should be good! After all, you DID wait 4 HRS after your last glass, it WILL absorb just fine into your body! If your an athlete coming back from an indoor sport, be sure that you are also getting enough vitamin D supplements!

    Milk and Exercise won’t do you good if you are not getting VitD.
    Sleep and Milk wont do you any good if you aren’t getting Vitamin D.
    Viamin D and Exercise wont do you any good if you are not getting Milk.
    Most Importantly: VitD, Milk & Exercise won’t do you any good if you are not SLEEPING on your back.

    Your house lighting should be dim during these hours. And if you’ve been on the computer go outside for 10-20 minutes and make your body adjust to the darkness outside so it knows that its time to sleep has come. I can’t tell you how many times going on the the computer or watching TV or being in a brightly lit room will just ruin your sleep for the rest of the night. It confuses your body and it will start to lose the energy (for you to grow) when it should be getting ready for sleep.

    (AI:Go to sleep before 11. Wear comfortable clothing. PEE before bed. Adjust your body to the temperature of the room for the next two months. IF the first week is crazy hot, adjust wardrobe and window. As the sixth week comes your body will have already adjusted to the 4-5 inches its grown, and you might be colder due to the weather cooling down. If your feet are cold wear socks or a hoodie. Its important to keep your blood circulating at all times after growing 4-5 inches btw, so if by now your wondering why all these exercise is important, that’s the reason why. Though it might seem like a lot, its not.
    As you grow, you weirdly lose body heat. This is probably due to the weight loss that comes with it. You don’t want to lose heat or blood circulation from the inches that you’ve grown. You should still be growing two weeks into your school year, even only by half an inch. Its not normal for you to stop growing in the middle of August. Eat more meat and calories according to the height you’ve grown. Adjust Cal. by each Inch. Continue getting vitamin D. You body is expectant for you to give it the opportunity it wants to grow 2-3 more inches before school starts. It will be more satisfying if you give it to your body.)

    10:00 -11:00pm at NIGHT

    Here, you should be laying on your back. (AI: Btw, it took me two summer to figure out why I was waking up ON my BACK with no pillow, with my legs elevated over the blankets.) Your body only grows when you’re laying on your back. Did you read that? When you lay down, lay on your back on a very low pillow. your body will probably be too hot under the blanket so elevate your foot up on the cool sheets. Make sure a door is open or a window is cracked. Don’t sleep next to the breeze. Make sure you will not wake up in the middle of the night. Go pee. Lock your door. If you had a good day, your body will be desperate for rest and sleep and willingly you will give it, and you will feel very refreshed and can’t wait to sleep. I fell asleep in two minutes, no fantasy scenario lullaby needed haha! Btw the fastest I’ve ever grown was 3/4 an inch in 2 DAYS!. 1 Inch in 4 days. I surely was desperate for sleep. But for the rest of the 6 weeks that summer, I grew the regular 1 inch every 6-7 days.

    -Woke up at 9:30-10:30 am naturally everyday!

    Thats it!

    Routine For the SECOND summer:
    I didn’t have many friends the summer before Grade 7 as I just moved to a new neighbourhood. so this routine won’t be long. I told you guys how I was “pear shaped” the summer before Grade 6 and grew 8 inches (5’1). I was once AGAIN “Pear shaped” going into the summer before Grade 7 and grew another 7 inches and became tall and normal sized weight (5’8).

    10:35 am in the Morning.
    I would wake up everyday at this hour and minute.
    11:00 am. in the MORNING
    (AI: I started taking 2 Vitamin D and Calcium Flinstones Supplements Every Morning because my parents got them for me)
    -Eat Cereal with milk and a glass of juice. (Frosted Flakes or Vector) W/ 1 slice of bread, 4 small bacon or sausage.
    -2 eggs with bacon (or sausage) with two slices of buttered toast with milk and half a cup of orange juice.
    (AI:-I had other things for breakfast that summer, eggo waffles, strudles, pop tarts, but they didn’t give my body the energy to grow height the other two breakfast’s did. See guys meat protein is important. Junk food/junk breakfast will screw your height over!)

    11:35 in the MORNING
    Put sunscreen on and walked 30 minutes FAST WALK in the sun to arrive at the pool/ waterpark.

    12:00 in the MORNING
    Arrived at the pool/waterpark and played Underwater Pool Tag. Waterpark Tag. This WAS exhausting, I wont lie but it was only because I was always “it”. Not because I was the slowest but because It suddenly would turn into “freeze tag” whenever It was my turn to be it! I did this for 3- 4 hours everyday! I am basically just telling you to run a lot until your breathless, in water! SWIMMING: Do regular laps around the pool for 3 hours. Water is good for decompressing your spine and making you exhausted. High excercise

    2:00 pm in the AFTERNOON
    Bring a half pound Burger. Meat is good! Eat. Don’t put on sunscreen, only on your face and neck. Rest. I suggest you only eat half and eat it slowly. If you feel full before half. don’t eat anymore. leave the rest for later.

    2:30 in the afternoon.
    After eating continue playing, it doesn’t have to be in the water. play tennis, hula hoop. Tag. Climb a tree. Moderate exersize. Fast walk around the block, but thats not fun. Skip rope, moderate not hard. Go back to the pool and just splash in the water and cool off.
    3:00 in the AFTERNOON
    Walk home in the sun-30 minutes, Grab Glass of Milk, rest.
    Or -Drive home and Grab glass of Milk then go outside and lay in the sun for half an hour before going inside to rest.

    3:40 in the Afternoon.
    Do whatever it is you need to do. Drink Milk, eat something with protein and carbs. Eat Fruit. Drink Water. This time is yours until 4:10pm. Swimming is exhausting. I did this everyday and it was equivelent to the year before.

    4:10 in the Afternoon.
    Now Parents are probably asking you to do something. Whatever it is, clean your room do the dishes fold the laundry, do it fast paced Cinderella for the next hour and a half.
    If there is nothing to do, go outside and fast walk, or play with friends or play frisbee, or just stretch and do gymnastics. DON’T WATCH TV OR PLAY ON THE COMPUTER. This is the worst thing to do after eating. Just enough exercise to get you panting. oooh play on the wii!

    5:30 in the afternoon
    Go inside and rest. Don’t take a nap Drink Water.

    Eat Dinner
    No Pizza. Seriously you will crash.
    -Chicken, pasta, salad. MILK
    -Beef Burger.
    -Korean dinner (YAS!!)Fire Meat Bulgogi, Rice, Kimchi, Fish.
    -Protein Meals.

    Eat Mostly Meat and Vegetable, even though your body may want mostly carbs, you already gave it carbs 1 1/2 prior. . . Remember that, handful of carbs is enough.

    8:00pm-9:30pm at NIGHT
    Go outside when the sun is setting.
    Moderate Exercise. Frisbee. Stretching, Playing at playground. Burn off all extra energy.

    8:30 pm in AFTERNOON
    Drink your last dosage of Milk or Calcium. Do not drink or eat any later than this time.

    8:40- 9:30pm in the NIGHT
    Hang outside until sun goes down

    10:30 pm at NIGHT
    You’ll be asleep.
    Lay on back.
    Elevate legs
    Low Pillow
    Crack window open
    You finally made it to sleep. Enjoy it. Cause your doing this again tomorrow.

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