How To Grow Taller During Puberty – Essential Nutrition For Teenagers

If you’re a teenager and you’ve been called “Shrimp” and “Little Guy”, it’s time to learn how to grow taller during puberty. You can do this, no matter what your genes say.

So if your mom and dad never made it to 5’5” tall, that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze out a few extra inches and surpass them.

And when you read this information, you’ll learn enough so that when you’re ready to have kids of your own, they can end up being even taller yet and get to 5’9” tall.

Can you see how each successive generation can increase height and become taller? You can literally stop the cycle of being badgered by other kids just by growing taller.

Teen Height

And that’s a good thing. Everyone seems to value the opinions of taller people a little more than those who are short unless the shorter person has successfully developed his leadership qualities.

In job interviews, it is said that those who are taller get jobs more often than those who don’t.

Whether or not there’s a societal bias against short people remains to be seen, and short people have made it into top executive positions such as the Presidency, so it’s not an impossibility.

How To Grow Taller During Puberty Depends On Growth Hormone

What makes you grow is the hormone called Growth Hormone. This hormone is found in all of us, and it’s responsible for you growing in the womb as well as out of the womb.

There are some people who have a deficiency of Growth Hormone, and once it’s discovered by the doctors, a Growth Hormone replacement is injected on a regular basis so that the person can start growing once again.

However, the research studies prove that even this hormone may not be enough to make the children get taller, especially if the kids are suffering from malnutrition.

That piece of information is the key to you learning how to get tallerduring puberty. It says indirectly that it’s really the malnutrition that is causing the stunted growth.

And this makes perfect sense because hormones can’t be created in the body out of nothing.

Hormones need the basic foundational blocks to be created by your body, and the basic foundational blocks go back to vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates – and calories.

Without any one of these components, your growth will be stunted.

Here’s another fact that shocks a lot of people: you can actually manipulate your own Growth Hormone levels just by the things you do in your normal lifestyle.

We’ll get to that later, because diet for height growth and foods for height growth are the most important things you should know.

How To Grow Taller During Puberty: Nutrition For Teenagers

QuestionThere are five major components you will have to pay attention to in your diet for height growth. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Before you find out, make a promise to yourself that you will actually take the suggestions, and do something about them.

If you just read about them and then don’t initiate a plan of how to incorporate them into your life, you’ll always remain short.

Teenage Height Growth Depends On 5 Factors

Here are the 5 components for your plan of how to get taller during puberty:

1. Drink milk.
2. Eat plenty of protein in your diet.
3. Eat plenty of vegetables for minerals.
4. Take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.
5. Eat enough calories.

You may think to yourself, well that’s crazy; this is what my parents have been telling me all along.

Or you may think to yourself, well, does that mean I have to give up certain foods I eat now if I want to use nutrition to grow taller?

The answer is yes, it may. But the good news is that once you start seeing the results on the height scale, you’ll want to continue doing the best things you can do for your body.

Think of it this way: Briana, Jessica, John and Rusty all are the same height and age. Briana and Rusty start doing everything mentioned above on the plan.

Jessica and John never get around to it for whatever reasons. Years go by and Briana and Rusty are into their 20s. They settle down and get married, have a child, and go on with their life. Jessica and John do the same thing.

What happened to them 5 years later? 10 years later? 20 years later? What would you guess?

Briana and Rusty are taller. They got better jobs and had no problems during pregnancy. Their baby boy came out healthy. Ten years later, Briana is still keeping up her slim figure and looks great. Rusty has never looked better.

Twenty years down the road, they are healthier than all their friends, including Jessica and John, and their girl who always seems to be sick.

Nutrition to grow taller is also nutrition for health during all different phases of life. There is a diet for height growth and it’s the same as the diet for good health.

The Specifics About Teenage Height Growth

So let’s look at the 5 components of your plan of how to get taller during puberty right now and see what the researchers have discovered.

#1. Milk Should Be In Every Diet For Teenagers

Isn’t Milk Bad For Me?

Milk has often been given a bad rap by the health food faddists but the truth is that what’s bad about milk is simply that something called bovine growth hormone was given to the cows to make them produce more milk faster.

Really now, what were those farmers thinking?

How gigantic to they want to make cow’s mammary glands?

Would they stop giving bovine growth hormone if the cows’ glands were so big that the cows couldn’t walk around anymore?

Probably not! We see that chicken farmers breed the chickens to odd shapes and many of them can’t walk! Part of that reason is that the chickens aren’t allowed to run off into the fields and just be chickens

But anyway, the point is that it was what man did to the cows that made milk bad, and not the milk itself.

The good news is that enough people complained about bovine growth hormone for a long enough time that the farmers stopped adding it to the cows’ regimen. That means that milk is safe again.

This problem of people not drinking milk isn’t limited only to kids. Even adults can be non-milk drinkers – and be proud of it.

Why You Really Need Milk

What exactly they’re proud of is uncertain because all the studies show that milk is an excellent food.

Here are some of its benefits:

• It’s an excellent source of protein.

• Milk is a good source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

• The sugar in milk is called lactose, which helps the body absorb
minerals. It also helps the healthy bacteria called flora grow in the intestinal tract.

• The whey protein in milk can increase muscle mass, and top athletes
know this and use it to their advantage.

• Milk is a source of vitamin B2 and vitamin B12.

• Milk contains protein, fat and carbohydrate, three of the main nutrients
you need for long bone growth in your body. It’s the long bone growth that makes you grow taller.

Foods For Height Growth Include Milk: The Evidence

But that isn’t everything you should know about milk.

Here are some pretty important studies that were done by scientists at prestigious universities or research centers that back the fact that milk is by far the most important food you can eat or drink to increase your height.

a) Compare Milk Drinkers To Non-Milk Drinkers

In New Zealand, researchers at the University of Otago Medical School found that children avoided milk for one of three reasons – they were milk intolerant, they thought it had a bad taste, or it was a lifestyle choice.

They studied 50 children who didn’t drink milk and compared them to 200 children who did and discovered:

• Children who didn’t drink milk had only 443 mg calcium intake in their
daily diet and few took mineral supplements to make up the amount they were lacking. They were deficient in calcium.

• Those who didn’t drink milk were shorter and had smaller skeletons.

• 18% of those who didn’t drink milk were obese.

• Those who didn’t drink milk had much lower bone mineral density. This
made them susceptible to develop porous bones, osteoporosis – where they could easily suffer from broken bones.

• 24% of those who didn’t drink milk had already previously broken some
bones in their body.

b) Expect More Bones Breaking

Not drinking milk does affect the rate of fractures. In one study, 12% of girls who drank milk had fractures, compared to a rate of 29% in those who didn’t drink milk.

c) Prevents Death And Increases Height

When cow’s milk is added to the diets of those with moderate and severe
undernutrition in low income countries, milk improves weight gain and reduces mortality or rate of death.

Milk has a specific effect on their increase in height, too. Milk contains many peptides and other bioactive factors, which possibly has special effects on the recovery from undernutrition and malnutrition.

d) All Countries Show The Same Results

Observational studies from high-income countries show positive associations between milk intake and growth.

The U.S. isn’t considered a low income country but is considered a high-income country. In high-income countries, milk stimulates the rate of increase in height.

e) Famous Studies Confirm Results

In the well-known NHanes Study which evaluated thousands of people for all types of diseases, the study done in 1999-2002 focused on 1002 children from 2 to 5 years old.

The children were analyzed for the association between milk consumption and their height. Those who drank the most milk were taller than other children.

Children who drank milk daily were taller than those with less frequent intake. Consumption of other dairy products like yogurt and cheese had no association with height.

This is pretty good evidence that drinking milk is the main key to you getting taller. Milk should be in the diet for teenagers – if the teenagers want to grow to their full height potential.

#2. Eat Plenty Of Protein In Your Diet

When immigrants come over to America, their whole lifestyle often changes. They work hard and live in better conditions than what they had in their previous country.

The U.S. has great variety of food and grocery stores are packed with different protein foods as well as milk and dairy products.

The immigrants end up eating more protein foods – beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and milk – and their children are significantly taller than they are. You can usually see a difference of at least 2 inches. That’s taller, of course.

Genetics Doesn’t Stop You From Growing Taller

In some families you may see a difference of about 3 or even 4 inches. That’s pretty dramatic. What happened to the gene theory that you won’t grow taller than your parents? It flew out the window!

What’s more important than your genes is your nutrition and don’t let any scientist convince you otherwise! They will try, simply because many of them have made their entire career around the study of genetics.

But genetics isn’t everything. Nutrition is what goes into your mouth all day long. It has more influence over your health than anything else.

And nutrition for teenagers should include a nice serving of protein for at least two meals a day. Don’t be afraid of protein. It won’t harm you. But do pay attention to the next suggestion as well.

#3. Eat Plenty Of Vegetables For Minerals

Protein needs to be balanced with plenty of vegetables. The vegetables contain minerals and need the protein to carry the minerals around to the parts of your body that need it – especially the long bones of your body.

These long bones include the tibia, fibula, and femur, and radius, humerus, and ulna. In order for you to grow tall, the long bones of your body have to lengthen. And to do this, they need protein and minerals.

Don’t even think of neglecting your vegetable intake – not for one day if you really want to use nutrition to grow taller. How many should you eat? At least 5 half cup servings or more.

In Japan, the people there eat 12-19 servings a day. They build strong bones, but don’t consume enough milk so their bones remain stunted.

#4. Take A Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

No matter how good you eat, taking a multi vitamin/mineral supplement really is necessary. And you need one that’s balanced.

So far the only one I’ve seen that is balanced is the one called Shaklee VitaLeaformula. And you only need two tablets a day.

#5. Eat Enough Calories

Eating enough calories is one of the most important things to remember if you are trying to use nutrition to grow taller.

What kills a lot of children in non-industrialized countries is lack of the quantity of food. They get some food daily, but never enough.

The body needs certain amounts of calories, and especially if you’re growing those long bones in the body, that takes a lot of energy.

How To Find Out How Many Calories You Need

The best way to find out how many calories you need is to take a trip down to the health club where the personal trainers can measure your body’s metabolic rate.

They will tell you how many calories you need just to open your eyes in the morning – and of course, during the day.

But the body’s metabolic rate does not include the calories that you need to move around! So ask them how many do you need to grow taller but not fatter.

Usually this number is at least 500 calories or even up to 1500 calories greater than the metabolic rate, depending on your height and weight and activity level.

Eat the right kind of calories. Eat calories from milk, protein, good fats like coconut, olive oil, butter and avocado, plenty of vegetables including beans and legumes, at least 3 fruits a day, and nuts.

Fill in the rest of your meals with grains, and whole grains are best such as oats, whole wheat, rye, barley, corn or amaranth. Buckwheat or quinoa can also be used.

Stay away from the foods that are processed since these take minerals and vitamins from your body. They take more than they provide to you.

This Food Will Kill Your Height Growth

One German study at the Research Institute of Child Nutrition found that carbonated drinks – soft drinks were one of the worst foods for children that were growing.

The soft drinks made bones weak and interfered with the development of muscles.

This is bad news, because how your bones are reflects on how you look to others. For example, look at an old woman with osteoporosis.

She’s hunched over and fragile looking – and prey for criminals! She doesn’t have adequate muscles to beat off an attacker!

As you grow strong and tall, you want to look like you’re strong and tall in every respect. You don’t want to grow tall and look like a weak skeleton. Stay away from the soft drinks. All of them!

Use Nutrition To Get Taller And Don’t Look Back!

Teenage height growth is not a concept that is out of reach! Can you see how easy it is to use nutrition to get taller?

How to Stimulate Your Body’s Growth Hormone Production

Now there are a few things you have to know about Growth Hormone, too. Earlier it was mentioned that Growth Hormone was important for you to grow taller and that you could influence this hormone.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Protein Rules!

Eat enough protein. The addition of protein in the diet causes higher levels of Growth Hormone. Eating enough protein was already mentioned in your nutrition plan to grow taller.

2. Count Your Sheep And Get Your Sleep

Get enough sleep. Without enough sleep, your body shuts down the levels of Growth Hormone it makes.

3. Work Out.

By this, it doesn’t mean lift heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights will stunt your growth because you’ll grow wide, not tall.

But other activities that encourage you to develop strength are good, such as sports and even light weight lifting.

Now that you know how to grow taller during puberty, you can simply make the changes in your diet for teenagers.

You’ve learned the primary foods for height growth and realized that teenage height growth is not totally dependent on genetics.

You have the answers for yourself and your future generations. Now get busy!

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