Growing Taller Nutrition Part 6 – Water

Nutrition Water Grow Taller

As you are probably aware that water is the foundation for life and is the basic essential element of our bodies.

In fact around 80% of our body is made up of water! It is used in every single process that take place both internally and externally from operating our organs to moisturizing our skin and maintaining muscle structure too.

Water is also use in the synovial fluids that lubricate our joints and allow them to move freely every day.

It is difficult for us to understand just how crucial water is to our survival, but when you consider that a human can generally survive for several weeks without food, but can only survive for a matter of two days without water, it helps to emphasize its importance in our lives.

It is recommended that we consume around 1.5 litres of water each and every day. This can be made up of other fluids such as tea, coffee and juice drinks, but it is critical we do not let our bodies become dehydrated.

What we need to remember is that for our bodies to function properly it needs to be adequately hydrated, which means that without water, the processes which use growth hormones to allow us to grow taller cannot take place.

This means that water is a very important factor we need to include in our grow taller nutrition plan.

Don’t forget, it is very difficult to drink too much fluid as our bodies will simply pass it through as urine, which means we can make certain we consume enough fluid each and every day without the risk of it becoming a health problem.

Remember, to grow taller our bodies will need all the nutrients it can get, and water is the basis for consuming these and helping to transport them around your body too.

These fluids can be consumed as one of the following: plain water from a safe drinking source, juice from fresh squeezed fruits or bottled juices, warm drinks such as tea or coffee but beware of taking in too much caffeine as it could lead to headaches and restlessness.

Alcoholic drinks do not qualify as fluid intake as the diuretic effect they have actually means that nutrients are washed from your body and you will lose fluids too.

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