Growing Taller Nutrition Part 5 – Fats

Nutrition Fats Grow Taller

Now you’ve considered the other elements of a diet that you need to maximize your efforts to grow taller, you need to think about fats.

Most of probably think of fats as a very negative element in our daily diets and most likely think we should avoid these at all costs. However that is not necessarily the case.

There are in fact two types of fats which we as Humans consume as part of our daily eating habits and you should be aware of where fats fit in to your ‘grow taller diet’ plan.

The two types of fats we consume are known as saturated and unsaturated fats. A diet which is excessively high in fats will of course stunt your growth efforts, so let’s talk about the two different types of fats:

The saturated fats are those which we consider to be the most harmful to us as people. They contain extremely high levels of cholesterol which can block your arteries and cause fat deposits to be left around your arteries and organs which can then sometimes lead to illnesses such as heart disease.

Saturated fats can also contain lot of calories which tends to cause you to put on weight at a faster rate than other foods.

As we have already discussed, putting on weight will counter your efforts to grow taller as it will make your body appear to be wider and therefore shorter too.

Primarily saturated fats come from animal products like red meat and fatty dairy items such as whole milk and eggs so try to control the amount of these foods you eat.

The second type of fats we will discuss are known as ‘unsaturated’ fats.

These types of fats are less harmful to you as they contain a far lower calorific value and also contain lower levels of cholesterol too. As a Human, you do require a certain level of fats to keep yourself healthy and for certain functions to be carried out effectively in your body.

Due to this purpose you should try and make sure you eat more unsaturated fats than saturated in your grow taller diet plan.

There is now a wide range of products available which contain unsaturated fats as opposed to the more harmful saturated.

Some vegetable oil used in cooking contain more unsaturated fats. The most commonly used unsaturated vegetable oils are corn, soy and cotton seed.

You should also be aware that dairy produce such as full fat milks and butters do contain high levels of saturated fats, so instead you should opt to drink skimmed milk which is better for you.

You should also remember that although we do need a small amount of fat to stay healthy, it should make up no more than around 25-30% of your daily food intake.

Adopting a sensible ‘grow taller’ diet plan will allow your body to continue releasing growth hormones without being compromised by high levels of insulin.

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