Growing Taller Nutrition Part 4 – Carbohydrates

Nutrition Carbohydrates Grow Taller

You may be wondering about what else to eat to grow taller. Well you may also be surprised to find out that a very common mistake lots of people make when trying to get taller is that they include far too much carbohydrate in their diet.

Believe it or not a diet that is high in carbohydrates can have a stunting effect on your growth. Although carbohydrate does contain a lot of energy, it only contains a very little amount of vitamins and minerals, or anything else your body can use to aid growth.

The high carbohydrate diet is argued to be one of the very reasons that Asian countries have such a short average height compared with those of Europe or the United States.

Foods which Asian countries eat regularly such as corns, rices, breads and grain products are extremely high in carbohydrates but contain little else useful to the bodies development or growth.

This has meant a stunted growth effect which leaves the population in this part of the world shorter than average.

A second important issue to consider when thinking about your ‘grow taller’ nutrition plan is the glycemic index.

The glycemic index or G.I is a measure of how fast the carbohydrate you eat will absorb into the bloodstream and raise your blood sugar levels.

This normally takes place over a period of several hours but it largely depends on the food types you are eating and its GI. As the GI is measured on a scale, the base rate or ‘normal food’ is set at 100, this is normally considered to be white bread.

This is important to growing taller because food which has a higher GI becomes absorbed into your blood quickly and therefore raises the level of insulin in your system.

Why is this bad? Well insulin inhibits the ability of growth hormones in your body.

The following are the Glycemic values for various foods with White Bread as the Standard food value:

152 Maltose 80 Potato, new, boiled 54 Brown beans
138 Glucose 80 Cookies, rich tea 53 Apple
134 Cooked parsnips 79 Rice, polished, boiled 15 min 52 Yogurt
132 Puffed rice 79 Fruit cocktail 52 Tomato soup
128 Potato, Russet, baked 78 Cookies, oatmeal 52 Ice cream
126 Honey 77 Potato chips 52 Fish fingers
121 Rice, instant, boiled 6 min 74 Yam 50 Lima beans
118 Potato, instant 74 Peaches, canned 50 Green peas, dried
117 Cooked carrots 74 Buckwheat 49 Whole milk
115 Corn flakes 74 All Bran 49 Chick peas (Garbanzo)
109 Broad beans (Fava beans) 70 Potato, sweet 48 2% milk
103 Millet 69 Grapefruit juice 47 Rye kernels
100 Tortilla, corn 68 Bread, rye pumpernickel 46 Skim milk
100 Potato, mashed 67 Orange juice 46 Butter beans
100 Bread, wheat, whole meal 66 Pineapple juice 46 Black eye peas
100 Bread, wheat, white 65 Rice, parboiled, boiled 25 min 46 Apricots, dried
99 Rutabaga (Swede) 65 Rice, instant, boiled 1 min 45 Spaghetti, white, boiled 5 min
99 Corn chips 65 Green peas, marrow fat 45 Kidney beans
97 Shredded wheat 65 Green peas, frozen 43 Black beans
96 Muesli (raw oat cereal) 65 Bulgur 40 Peaches
95 Cookies 64 Macaroni, white, boiled 5 min 39 Sausages
95 Bread, rye, crisp bread 63 Wheat kernels 38 Pasta, spaghetti, protein enriched
94 Mars Bar 63 Sponge cake 37 Red lentils
91 Cookies, plain crackers 63 Pears, canned 34 Plum
91 Apricots, canned 62 Grapes 31 Fructose
89 SUCROSE 61 Spaghetti, white, boiled 15 min 31 Barley (pearled)
89 Bread, rye, whole meal 61 Spaghetti, brown, boiled 15 min 22 Soy beans, canned
88 Raisins 60 Baked beans (canned) 20 Soy beans, dried
88 Beet root 59 Orange 15 Peanuts
87 Porridge oats 59 Apple juice 12 Bengal Gram Dal
84 Banana 58 Rice, polished, boiled 5 min 10 Nopal (prickly pear)
82 Cookies, digestive 58 Pears
81 Rice, brown 57 Haricot (white) beans
81 Pastry 54 Rice, parboiled, boiled 5 min
80 Sweet corn 54 Pasta, star white, boiled 5 min

Therefore you should be eating more carbohydrate foods which contain a lower GI (glycemic index) rating to avoid boosting the insulin levels in your blood and preventing the body from effectively using the growth hormones you have in your system.

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