Growing Taller Nutrition Part 2 – Vitamins

Nutrition Vitamins To Grow Taller

Vitamins are basically organic substances which are essential for our growth and development at every stage during our life.

It is therefore really important that we make sure we are consuming an adequate level of vitamins throughout our daily lives.

Vitamins are essential to us and unfortunately our bodies are unable to create these sort of substances ourselves, so if we want to grow taller, we really need to have enough vitamins for our body to develop and our bones to grow.

There are two primary types of vitamins which we should be including in our diets. These are basically fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins. Each has its own characteristics which we will briefly cover here

1) Fat-Soluble Vitamins

These are the vitamins which we normally take in through eating meats and other associated products made from animals or animal extracts such as fats and dairy produce too.

The main fat soluble minerals we should be concerned with are vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and finally vitamin K.

These particular vitamins are transported throughout your system in fats, and if you have an excess of this, your body will store it in your fatty tissues or liver.

This method of storing fat soluble vitamins means you have a reserve and do not need to take them in on a daily basis.

2) Water-Soluble Vitamins

gain, these vitamins are also found in meats and fish but they are also found in most vegetables and fruits.

Unlike fat soluble minerals they are transported in water instead of fats which means it is not possible for your body to store these vitamins as your system will naturally flush them through in your waste products like urine.

How Can I Get All These Vitamins From My Diet?

It is not too difficult to achieve an adequate level of vitamins in your daily diets. Most of the foods we know to be good for us contain high levels of vitamins, especially those foods such as green vegetables and fruits.

Some other types of foods are now manufactured to also help, such as fortified breakfast cereal which contains added vitamins too.

However the conventional techniques used to mass produce our foods these days have the effect of leeching vitamins from them.

This means it is even more important when trying to grow taller to eat fresh produce that is not packaged or has not been processed and placed on a store shelf.

Make sure the variety of food you consume is varied too, including fish and grains which are healthy for your most important organ, the heart.

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