Growing Taller Nutrition Part 1 – Minerals

Nutrition Vegetables to Grow Taller

It is widely accepted throughout the medical and scientific communities that the food we eat has a huge impact on our growth rate as humans. This has lead to a series of studies in to grow taller diets and growing taller nutrition as a whole.

Not only is it the type of food that we eat which makes a difference, but also the quality and quantity of the food which has an effect also.

Over the last few years the food we eat has been recognised as playing a crucial part in our growth, including that of our height! This means that the right type of food needs to be consumed if we are to grow to our full height potential.

As with most balanced diets, there are 6 food nutrient groups which we need to make sure is included in our diets if we are to grow taller naturally through nutrition.

All of these play an individual part in both growth, and in keeping us generally healthy and illness free.

  1. Minerals
  2. Vitamins
  3. Proteins
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Fats
  6. Water

During this 7 part series we will address and talk about each of the above elements, and explain how they can be used to our advantage. We will start off at the beginning and talk about the importance of Minerals.

What’s Important About Minerals?

An adequate supply of minerals is a crucial component of a healthy balanced diet. Minerals are used in just about every function our body undertakes from repairing itself to developing and fuelling our organs and muscles too.

Minerals also play a very important role in making sure that our growth rate is at its optimum level, but to do this we need to consume the full range of minerals our bodies will need.

Another secondary reason why we need to include minerals in our grow taller nutrition plan is because our bones contain a large percentage of minerals, so a lack of these could lead to compromised bone growth.

So What About Calcium?

Calcium is a very special mineral and it can be argued that in the case of grow taller diets, Calcium is possibly the most important mineral of all.

It is actually a very abundant mineral found in many parts of your body from your bones to your hair and even your fingernails too!

The only problem is that as humans, our bodies are unable to produce Calcium for ourselves, so we are required to consume the Calcium levels we need.

Thankfully that is quite a simple task as long as we maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This is why a diet which is rich in calcium is critical to maintain a healthy and steady bone growth.

It also helps to strengthen you bones even after you think you have stopped growing.

You can think of your body as a large bank, and the Calcium you have inside you is the savings in this bank. If your body does not consume enough calcium during the day, it will make a calcium withdrawal from your bodies ‘bank’.

We do not want this to happen because it means less calcium is available for your bones. If on the other hand you consume plenty of calcium during the day, your body will deposit the left over calcium in to the bank, which benefits your bones!

If you tend to have a diet that is always low in calcium, over time the body’s calcium bank will run out and your bones can begin to grow weak and brittle.

This leads to easier breakages and means your body cannot repair and fix itself as easy. This is a problem in older people as they naturally age, however if you maintain a high calcium diet your bones will continue to become more dense until the age of about 30!

You can supplement your diet with calcium products, but a well balanced diet is always a better option.

Next It’s Phosphorous.

Phosphorus is another mineral that is found in huge abundance throughout the human body. This is probably because the vast majority of it is combined with calcium in your body to create the compound calcium phosphate, which is the source of your bones strength.

It also has a secondary function which is just as important to your grow taller diet. Calcium phosphate carries very important information about cell regeneration as it forms part of your DNA.

As it often works hand in hand with the calcium in your body, it is a sensible idea to make sure you also have a high intake of phosphorus rich foods in your diet.

Fortunately for us, this time phosphorous is quite easy to include in our daily diets as it is found in a wide range of produce such as dairy produce and meat, fish and even in vegetables too.

However, phosphorus does have a negative side to it too. It can in large quantities interfere with your bodies abilities to use calcium.

One item of your diet that could lead to this sort of issue is soda. Most soft drinks do contain a high level of phosphorus, so while you do want to keep an equal level of calcium and phosphorus, you do not want to overload you body with a huge imbalance of it in your grow taller nutrition plan.

Read the next part on the importance of Vitamins in Growing Taller

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